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Finding a reliable electrician can be a chore when you own a home or rental property. From minor repairs and maintenance to custom home building and remodeling, Rolwes Electric can help you. Here is a list of our residential services:

  • Service and Repairs

  • Custom Home Building/New Home Wiring

  • Remodeling/Older Home Re-wiring

  • Service Upgrades

    • FPE Panels: Do you have a Federal Pacific Electric Company (FPE) panel in your home? FPE was one of the most common manufacturers of circuit breaker panels in North America from the 1950s to the 1980s. While your FPE panel may appear fine, it presents a fire risk when subjected to short circuit conditions. Contact Rolwes Electric today to get yours inspected.

    • Fuse Panels: When fuse panels are first installed they meet all electric requirements. As electrical demands increase on your home, fuses tend to blow. Typically what happens is a larger fuse is installed which creates a fire hazard. Call Rolwes Electric today to ensure that your fuse panel is set up to adequately accommodate your electrical requirements.

    • Surge Protection: With todays modern homes, we have a lot of money tied up in electronics (TVs, computers, printers, fax machines, gaming consoles, sound systems, etc.). One of the best ways to safeguard these devices is to have a whole home surge protector installed. Find out more information by contacting us today!

residential electrician wentzville
residential electrician wentzvill
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